What do you know about the Bird?

What do you know about the Bird?

In recent times, a lot of persons paid little or no attention to any other thing aside what goes on in their immediate circle. Reasons may be that they are engaged with their daily routine, meeting deadlines that has to do with their job and all.

I may not be able to say so much about an industry that I am not connected to, what exactly do I need the info for? Of what essence is that update to me? You need that update for your knowledge. It may seem to you like it is of no use, but sooner or later, it will be worthwhile because no knowledge is lost.

AviationKruise has done a gap analysis and there is a general observation that many individuals really don’t mind to get information at their door step; let’s say on the PC, mobile phones and other media available today.

You have to be interested in what goes on around you and especially in the aviation sector… and AviationKruise to bring you all you need to know ranging from news, lessons, events, opinions, stories and you get to meet Aviators and what they do in the industry.

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