Face masks, Pre-flight testing, flying has not been the same

Face masks, Pre-flight testing, flying has not been the same

Face masks, Preflight testing, flying has not been the same

Airlines have been one of the sectors hardest hit by the pandemic with many operators forced to park entire fleets while the industry records losses in billions of dollars.

Air Operators Certificate (AOC) holders had to start from the scratch to document and implement changes to get back in the sky.

The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) came up with several guidelines in form of Advisory Circulars in order to manage the pandemic and to control the spread of the virus. However, the Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria and other aviation parastatals and stake holders of the industry had their roles and that has brought us where we are today. All changes were government dependent.

Health Screening

How has this fared since the commencement of the domestic flight? (Passengers are required to arrive at the airport hours before flight in order to meet up with the health screening requirement)

Airlines have been complying with health and safety regulations of the moment (Covid-19) before passengers get on board the aircraft.

In some cases, passengers may have to produce negative coronavirus test result prior to boarding.

Wow. The temperature check is not left out….and that got me thinking…… Do flights still meet up with their flight schedules?…….

Stricter Hygiene

Washing of hands, use of hand sanitizers, face masks are common among crew and passengers which is a suitable alternative to social distancing according to IATA.

Disinfection of frequently touched surfaces and the bathrooms.


Oh my God…. It’s a new normal and we all are getting used to it….

Impact on fares

There has been several indications about flight tickets skyrocketing but as would have it we have less people flying: low passenger figures, lower load factors which should have meant higher fares  but then it has resulted in lower fares… You know why? Many People cannot afford flight ticket anymore due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the economy…. But we still have to fly….. Flight fares are cheaper not because of any promotions but because airlines cannot afford to fly empty all the time. This is a loss for airlines as significant reductions in passenger figures have resulted in planes flying empty and cancellation of flights. Things are getting better already.

Reduction in Salaries/Job loss 

“Things are very tough right now, but we are surviving”

These were the exact words of an Aircraft Engineer in one of the reputable Airlines in Nigeria recently. A number of personnel affected here and there. Job loss, salary reduction and some companies coming up with incredible percentages for remuneration as they could no longer afford the employees pay.

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